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Travel agencies are one of fast growing industry all over the world after globalization, with more people travelling around the world. Today people rate a travel agency based on the broader and more complete range of services provided by them. As internet access is made simple now it has become easy for the users to compare the services provided to them. They compare everything right from their comfort to the ability to easily talk with a real when they have a trouble, or need some special advice or assistance. All these makes it tough to compete.

Social Media is a heaven for tourists more so than their actual destinations. People are excited about sharing their trip even before it has begun. Social media is playing a huge role in this technological interaction. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Flickr are just some of the platforms available to companies to connect with their consumers. Think of how many people like to ‘check-in’ at their location on Facebook, #hashtag their experiences on Twitter or upload their favourite memories onto Pinterest. The irony is that these things are happening whether or not travel companies are aware of it and each of these services offers them an opportunity to advertise their business free of charge. It is the ability of companies to understand how to grasp these opportunities that will make a difference.

Information on how to book, special events taking place and general material on how to make the users’ final experience a much more pleasurable one are all contributing towards an improved level of technology-led customer service. Selling tourism products and services online has changed from being just “price conscious” to being “an inspiration” to the consumer to travel. Responding to online conversations and delivering personal interaction are experiences that will be remembered by the user and encourage them to share their experiences with others.

Digital Marketing is now become the primary source of travel and tour related information for young people and the older generation alike.

Course Curriculum

Introduction To Digital Marketing For Travel Industry 00:05:00
Evolution of Digital Marketing in Travel Industry.
Digital Marketing
What is Digital Marketing? 00:05:00
Definition of Digital Marketing & its Benefits.
Types Of Digital Marketing For Travel Industry 00:03:00
Types of Digital Marketing
Search Engine Marketing 00:14:00
Search Engine Optimization 00:08:00
Content Marketing 00:10:00
Content Marketing - its benefits.
Website And Blogging 00:07:00
How Website and Blogging help in increasing Travel Business.
Social Media Marketing For Travel Industry 00:08:00
Social Media And Travel Industry
Facebook & Travel 00:08:00
Facebook' integration with Travel Industry.
Impact Of Instagram On Travel Industry 00:10:00
Pinterest & Travel 00:12:00
Twitter And Travel 00:05:00
Marketing through Emails 00:12:00
Mobile Phone Marketing 00:10:00
Travel From Traditional To Digital
Travel From Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing..!! 00:05:00
How traditional marketing has been taken over by digital marketing in travel industry.
Change In Tourism
How Digital Media has changed Tourism? 00:10:00
Importance of Digital Marketing
Importance of Digital Marketing for Travel Industry 00:03:00
Travel Industry Statistics 00:10:00
Travel Industry Statistics that prove the importance of online marketing.
Challenges In Travel Industry 00:05:00
Future Of Travel Industry
The Future Of The Travel Industry 00:08:00

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