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We are living in abundant world of knowledge and ever increasing data bases, We learn things to make our life more better reasonably day by day.

We have done huge amount of research and surveys and found no matter who you are, whatever is your age, gender, qualification, education or geolocation. Every person is struggling with knowledgeable sources, Eduwis is the answer for your struggle.

With Proven Eduwis Thought Process steps, one can overcome knowledgeable dependencies. More you will master your skills more you will get confident. Confidence leads to you live successful life.

In this signature course we will guide you to learn various ways to gain, analyse knowledge online, right from your multimedia handset and existing internet data plan.

Course Curriculum

What is Internet ? 00:01:00
What is Internet ?
What is World Wide Web (www)? 00:01:00
What is World Wide Web (www)?
Why Do We Need of internet ? 00:02:00
Need of internet
Hurdles In Education 00:02:00
Complications In Education
Eduwis : Internet Research Types
Soft Research 00:03:00
2. Soft Research
Hard Research 00:03:00
1. Hard Research
Hybrid : Hard and Soft Research 00:03:00
3. Hybrid : Hard and Soft Research
Eduwis Thought Process for Internet Learning
Internet & Thought Process 00:04:00
How Internet Helps In Enhancing our Thought Process
EDUWIS Module to Get The Answers 00:04:00
Using EDUWIS Module to Get The Answer
Few Important Statistics About Internet 00:01:00
Statistics About Internet
Internet for Personal Use
Using Emails 00:02:00
How To Use Media Sources? 00:02:00
How To Use Media Sources?
How to use Internet for Personal Interest? 00:01:00
Use of Internet for Personal Interest
Tools for Typing and Translations 00:02:00
Using tools for typing and translation purpose
What is a Blog? 00:02:00
All about Blogging
What is the use of Social Media? 00:02:00
Use of Social media
Internet for SMEs/Business
Using Search Engines For Business 00:02:00
Use of search engines, to improvise your business.
Using Internet for understanding Industry Trends 00:02:00
Internet for Industrial Trends
Using Internet for understanding Industry Statistics 00:02:00
Industrial Statistics
Using Internet for understanding Industry News 00:01:00
Using Internet for Competition 00:02:00
To know your competitors for better business
Using Internet for Branding 00:02:00
Branding your business
Using Internet for Production 00:03:00
How internet can be used for production purpose
Using Internet for Lead Generation 00:02:00
Generating Leads using internet.
Using Internet for Office Automation 00:02:00

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